Sun Style Conclusion

Visit to Samye Linge MonastaryHappy daysAfter I had decided I would be living in Thailand part of the year and working in the UK contracting I also decided that I would continue teaching, this was against Pete’s advice and in retrospect he was right but I had made the Association what it was I had driven it and felt it was my right to demand what and in what way the style should be taught, it caused a division in the clubs and to my sadness I lost a good friend, but an old Chinese saying comes to mind “Two tigers cant live on the same mountain”
I think Pete had come a long way also and had his own ideas rightly so, on how he wanted to teach Sun Style so being the pratt I am I spit my dummy out and kicked them out. I continued with the few students I had left but it was always going to be a temporary thing as I was set on living in Asia. In regards to Barcelona and Lei Shi Tai I have only a few words to say to them and that is “Your Loss” I will never forget the way you treated me and you deserve each other. I no longer teach Sun Style but still want to maintain a website with information for those who wish to pursue it and I have students in the UK who still teach. I hope some of the people mentioned will read this and understand me better or maybe they wont, I have no regrets or recriminations what will be will be, I chose this path no one forced me, but as a final note to all those in Carleton that supported me I am sorry for any bad feeling I caused you and to Pete, I love you and Nancy, Sean and Sarah like my own family Buddha bless you.

Sun Style continued

After the sucess of the seminar my good friend Peter Farrell asked his group if they would like to practise Sun Style on a regular basis, they said yes and so every month I taught them and corrected the form. Peter had been travelling with me to visit Dave Martin and had been made an instructor by him so we were on equal footing though Pete always reffered to me as his teacher he was and is my brother. We established the group and in 2005 I got the opportunity to travel to Beijing and meet my teacher for the next part of the journey Lei Shi Tai. Lei Laoshi was very good at all aspects of Sun Style his grandfather had been a disciple of Sun Lu Tang I was honoured to be his student, on my return I shared everything with Pete and we now had students who were able to teach and so I started an instructors class the guys who were the main stalwarts of the group were, Peter Farrell, Martin Brady, Dave Pollard, Dave and Stewart Polshaw, Jane Jackson, Anne Marie Parker, Paul Banks , Ian Platt, Stewart Mann and Kevin Garnett.

In 2006 Lei Laoshi came to visit his daughter in France I travelled there to train with him for two weeks, then in 2007 he came to the UK to visit Dave and Siu Ying Martin and we hosted him for a weekend seminar, in October 2007 I travelled to Barcelona to meet Joan Hernandez Serret and established a group, with him leading and arranging for me to come to teach on a regular basis. In 2008 I once again travelled to Beijing and got corrections on my form and Xing Yi and learned the 12 animals of Xing Yi, on my return I shared everything I had learned with Pete. We now had groups in Salford, Blackpool, Liverpool and Barcelona it was working well but as always not everything in the garden is rosy.

Sun Style

In 1999 I became a Diabetic and though continued to train and teach Warriors I felt I needed something else to help with my health so I turned to Sun style Taiji and sought out Dave Martin who is a second generation disciple of Sun Jian Yun, I often combined training with Krishna and Dave as they lived close to each other as Krishna was in Warwick and Dave in Leicester. I learned the Sun Style Taiji fairly quickly but felt it was lacking in something, and after researching knew I needed the Xing Yi and Bagua to make the system work and gain the complete benefit of what it had to offer. Unfortunately Dave did not know the Xing Yi so we just concentrated on the Taiji and in 2001 he gave me permission to open a club. I carried out the first Sun Style Seminar in Blackpool in 2002 and opened a club in Salford in 2003 a club which is still running today through my friend and senior student Ian Platt.

Sak Yant

After Phra Ajarn Gamtawn passed away i was not sure if I wanted any more tattoos, that is until my family were coming to visit and the husband of my niece wanted a tattoo. I searched and found a monk in a temple in San Sai who gave Sak Yant his name is Dhuu Eak. I visited him and he was very nice and I had seen the quality of his work on the abbot of the temple. I received three tattoos from him Hanuman, Pi Kanet and a hidden tattoo done in special infused oil.
If anybody reading this is interested in receiving a Sak Yant then please get in touch and I will help you as best as I can.

Krabi Krabong (continued)

I arrived at Kru K house at 8.45am and he explained that the first thing we would learn is how to warm up with the swords we did this for about 15 minutes then Kru showed me the two Wai Kru which are done at the beginning of every session to pay respects to our teachers and the ancestors. Both Wai Kru start from the knees and one stays completely on the kness whilst the other stands up, they are both difficult to do well and Kru K made them look effortless, after about 45 minutes we then looked at the basic striking techniques and defense called Mae Mai or mother skills, we spent about another 45 minutes drilling these, then Kru said enough for that day, my feet and knees were wrecked as we trained on concrete and walking was extremely painful as I had blisters, Kru said he would see me the next day for training at the same time.