Rolling back the years

This year 2013 sees some of my students reaching the milestone of 10 years of practise, some of them are no longer my students in a formal sense but the road they travel was first shown to them by me and so to the following people I hope you are still practising or teaching but the gift you were given can’t be quantified in money as no amount of that will give you good health so I hope you use the skills well
Ian Platt
Annemarie Parker
Dave Polshaw
Stewart Polshaw
Martin Brady
I wish you all good health and happiness
May the light of the Lord Buddha shine on you and be with you always

Training Hunyuan

Since I started training in Hunyuan like anything I felt it would take time to adjust from the Sunstyle I had previously been studying as I had practised Sunstyle for over 12 years including Xing Yi and Bagua.
I can honestly say the results have been surprising I feel much stronger in the core and also more flexible and supple in my lower back which is great for me as I have an herniated disc at L4/5 that since starting to practise the Hunyuan seriously has given me no probs at all.
It could be a culmination of all the years of training but I believe it is the Hunyuan and the way I was taught that is making the difference.

Cycling Chiangmai 1

Cycling in Thailand can be such a rewarding experience, the people are friendly and the roads not too bad as long as you have the right kind of bike and watch where you are going but the most important thing to have is awareness, some road users are as ignorant of cyclists as in other countries but in Thailand there are not that many rules regarding driving on the roads and they overtake, undertake don’t signal when turning just stop where they please even in the middle of the road, motorbikes go the wrong way on main roads as there are not many right turns so instead of going to the next u turn junction they just drive on the wrong side putting faith in other road users and Buddha.

That said the weather is good although can be very hot and in Hang dong the pollution not bad at all really as I stick to the back roads mainly so rice fields and mountain views the norm.

I was hoping to get a bit further afield and write about traveliing to Lamphun or Lamphang but my little Japanese folder not up to the job so just local routes for me.

Todays ride

Did about 10.5 km today in 50 minutes I know not great compared to some but on a small Japanese folder its not bad going. I think I could maybe do 15 km but that would be it regarding comfort. I am not trying to prepare for anything just trying to maintain my fitness and hopefully improve it. I incorporated some sprints into my ride today and felt the benefit, even on a small bike you can get something out of your ride besides site seeing or just enjoying the scenery.

I am hoping to start going to the gym soon to supplement my riding with a bit of strength work in preparation for returning to the UK where I would like to take part in some CX events during the Autumn/Winter, I need to get a new bike for sure but I have found it really does not matter what you ride just as long as you ride!


I found this blog and it is an amazing story I was lucky enough to get Weight Loss Surgery (WLS) in 2007 and it saved my life I believe, as I was a type 2 diabetic on Insulin getting worse! I needed something to help me get back to good health. I am now a regular cyclist and regular exercise and diet are the keys to keeping off diabetes or stopping it in the first place.

I hope Gaz gets lots of hits from this referral and more people follow his example. There is a lot of talk that obesity puts a drain on the NHS, so let the politicians come up with a better solution. Give people what they need, motivation and equipment with mentoring and support. WLS would not be needed in a majority of cases and we would be a lot healthier as a nation.