Walking the Walk

One of the nicer things to do in Thailand is to walk, I try to walk when I can but the pavements are not great here but you can enjoy some great scenery and also time to think and reflect. The Thai people are in the main very hard working and so for them transport is about getting to work or business so they use the best method they have either car, motorbike or bicycle but for us Farang with a bit more time on our hands ot like me mainly work in the early mornings and evenings walking can be a great exercise. Today I will walk about 8km and it has its benefits and drawbacks as the heat is always a factor as is the pollution if on main roads but the benefits outweigh the negatives.
I dont like driving a car anymore and do so only when no other choice available, we are lucky in Manchester that we have a good tram service and where I stay it is easily accessible but for the main I like to cycle and I am looking forward to getting back to the UK and getting out and about meeting friends and seeing family.

Sak Yant (again)

Wor jai settiToday I visited Dhuu Eak to have a chat and see how things are going and ended up having two Sak Yant.
I had been thinking of getting Ruesli Por Gae Sak yant for some time but had not been to see Dhuu so had not discussed it with him, but there was no problem he drew a Ruesli Por Gae for me but I preferred the one he had already and I also had a yant of Wor Jai Setti to round off the day.
My thanks to Dhuu Eak for his patience and kindness.Ruesli Por Gae