It’s been a while

Its been a while since my last blog had a lot happening here I am working in a local government school teaching English, which keeps me busy as well as looking after the family, and I also work at a private school during weekends teaching english so a pretty full on schedule.

I am hoping to meet a new friend Ian and start cycling at the velodrome here in Chiangmai he has been kind enough to invite me to visit him to see if I can fit one of his track bikes as I don’t have a bike at the moment and so schedule permitting I am hoping to do that next week.

I have continued to train the Hunyuan 24 step and 38 step it has everything I need, and I have been supplementing it with some yiquan standing qigong mainly the combat postures and the Hunyuan qigong, if anyone is visiting Chiang mai and wants to get together to train or learn just get in touch.