I have been a bit amiss of late regarding writing, training and being a friend, sometimes its easy to make excuses and then lie to yourself that its more important to keep your job than to be true to yourself. The one constant thing in my life has been my passion for MARTIAL ARTS not just the ones I teach and practise but all the arts. It’s time to re-focus and get back to it.

I need to work yes so that I can help provide for my family, but I also need to train and teach when I can so with that in mind I have started my new regime its not going to be easy getting back to what I was, but every journey starts with whats under your feet.

I have so much I want to practise and so much I understand, but I need to focus and work on what I feel I need. Not easy with nearly forty years training in 5 different arts so much choice, but will think, plan and then put into practise what I believe is best for me, train well and stay safe.