5x5x5 Stick System

This is the last thing taught in the 5×5 system not because it is least important or most important it is in my opinion better to have the empty hand and knife skills first then use the stick for attributes it can give you regarding range and conditioning.

First we learn the 5 basic angles of attack, then drill them against an opponent attacking him with them not blocking stick, but maybe attacking his arm or body depending on strike. Then we learn some standard drills, Pakgang, Hubud, Punio Sombrada and the 3 and 5 hit Sombrada. This will give us some training in different ranges and by moving from drill to drill smoothly helping us move in and out of the three ranges.

After competency is gained stick grappling can be added or disarms, chokes and locks depending on what level the student wishes to go into the art.

We are developing a system meant to be relatively simple to learn, apply and still retain some elements of being a martial art not just a hybrid system of mish-mash techniques. So with that in mind, after the basics have all been learned, it is hoped the practitioner will go on to explore other elements with us, such as Knife offence, stick and dagger, double stick, staff etc or will inspire them to seek out other instruction, having gained a good grounding from us.

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