5x5x5 System Overview


The Filipino martial arts are founded on solid principles of utilising whatever means possible to defend oneself and ones family, this means being fluent in all ranges of combat and with all classifications of weapons. We have over 15 yrs experience of practicing and teaching FMA and have a further 20+ yrs studying other martial arts. This knowledge base has enabled us to develop a system purely designed for combat and efficiency no fancy forms or movements just practical no nonsense applications and drills designed to make the practitioner proficient in the shortest possible time.


Using the traditional weapons of the FMA, single stick, double stick, stick and dagger, dagger and empty hands we aim to provide the practitioner with the ability to utilise any weapon to hand or if caught without a weapon to be able to defend oneself using the same principles as if armed.
Modular based the system is broken down in to 5 levels of progress each level increasing in knowledge over the last and also increasing in the skills needed to make personal progress.

Level 1 Core Training
Footwork – how to move in any direction with minimum of effort
Weapon familiarity, basic classification in weapons and introduction to the single stick and single knife
Higot Hubud with stick, knife and empty hand
Basic punches, jab, cross, hook uppercut
Basic kicks, front kick, scrape, stamp

Level 2 Skill Development
Introduction to double stick
Higot hubud
Knife disarms

Level 3 Putting It Together
Pakgang stick and empty hand
Double stick drill
Intro to stick and Dagger
Intro to largo mano
Lock flows

Level 4 The End Of The Beginning
Stick sparring
Empty hand sparring
Knife sparring
All the above to be done with padded sticks, knives and gloves etc

Level 5 The Beginning Of The End
Looking at weapons of everyday
Self defence what does it really mean in todays society?
Ground fighting with and without weapons do we need it?
To look at all material learned and to check if digested, to break it down and make it more efficient to come up with drill variation to enable the system to be progressive

Ba Ha La Na (come what may)

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