Sunstyle Taiji Applications Part 2

In this second article I wanted to show how we would use the brush knee and twist step application and how this can be adapted for the street. The first photograph sequence shows how we can use this technique classically, then in the second sequence in a street environment. Sun Style is comprised of three arts, Taiji, Xing Yi and Bagua and though the names are the same as other forms of Taiji we use applications from Xing Yi and Bagua.

Lou Xi Ao Bu

Bob is attacked with a punch, he dodges the punch and then hits the opponent with a shoulder charge, it is not a big movement and because the hand controls the hip and knee it causes the opponent to lose balance.



In this next sequence Bob is approached then attacked by two men he uses the same technique to put one into the other and then make his escape.



Sunstyle Taiji Applications

This article is meant to show how a traditional Chinese martial art can be used in a practical application. I will show first how the technique is done classically then in a practical application in a street situation. Obviously the pictures have been taken to try and show possible applications, these interpretations are my own as traditionally the Chinese martial arts were taught in a broken fashion so that the student has to find the answers themselves and not be spoon fed by the teacher.

      1.   ‘Ye Ma Fen Zong’ (Part the wild horse’s mane)


Bob is attacked with a hook punch, he first collects the punch and immediately steps forward using Pi Quan as the final application.

Street Application

Bob is attacked opening his car if you follow the sequence you will see that he uses the same application with a variation as he also uses the environment to finish the attacker.





In Sun Style Taiji though the names are the same as other forms of Taiji the applications come from Xing Yi or Bagua, these applications have been adapted to meet the situation.