Biography of Chen Hui Ying

Zhu and chenZhu 2 zhu 3 zhu chenMaster Chen Hui Ying was born in 1936 he trained in a form of Shaolin from aged 8 till 23 years of age. In 1966-1969 he studied Baji Quan then Wu and Li Style Taiji. From 1973 till 1985 he studied Hebei Xing Yi with Master Zhu Yunxing. In 1985 he studied Fu Family Dabei Boxing learning the 42 and 128 forms. Then from 1990 to present day he has practiced Chen Shi Hunyuan Xin Yi and followed the late GM Feng Zhiqiang and became one of the top three disciples in Beijing.

Master Chen teaches everyday and everyone can go to join his classes, in my opinion he is a great teacher with exceptional skills and he can also pass those skills on for health and also for Martial practicality.

I wish to thank him for his time and effort in teaching me correctly, explaining the visualisations and training methods and welcoming me as part of the group.

The images are some old pictures of him training with Master Zhu Yunxing

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