Body Conditioning

How much do we need to condition the body in this modern world of knives and guns? Is there a place for the traditional skills? Within the Chu Gar kuen system we emphasis a lot of time on conditioning of the single knuckle the iron palm, iron shirt and also the bridge arm, with the main aim to get close enough to the opponent to damage them without getting damaged ourselves, obviously this would change if faced with a knife or gun.
I think I am able to bridge the gap between training and using the traditional methods, keeping them alive and also I am able to look at the arts I teach in the modern concept of weapons and train accordingly, here I am exposed to firearms everyday seeing them carried by police, army and even the civilian population, knives are also prevalent here as tools and also everyday carry. Every house will have a traditional sword hung near to the shrine so it is available if needed.
I think there is still a place for the traditional skills, otherwise I would not train and practise them but also they are a great foundation to build upon for more modern skills utilising more modern weapons.

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