Higot Hubud 5×5 System

This drill is used extensively within the 5×5 system it is an underrated drill but when done correctly can give countless hours of training material and gives sensitivity and fluidity as well.

At the beginning level we use the drill to gain a basic level of competency with empty hand and weapons using it as a catalyst for locks, chokes, disarms and feed-backs.

Once a good level is achieved then other things can be added into the mix, two weapons against one, moving from standing to kneeling to laying down whilst still carrying out the drill, working on putting empty hand combinations together, using footwork to move around whilst still doing the drill.

Abner Pasa has a saying “Do the drill to get the skill, when you have the skill forget the drill”

I think if you practice Higot Hubud to the highest level you will transcend the drill and be left with a tremendous skill set in regards to fighting at medium and close range.

5x5x5 system is being taught in the UK at present anyone interested please get in touch.