History and Lineage of Taji Stick and Ruler

The Taiji Stick and Ruler were reputedly passed on by Chen Dao a Taoist from Huashan mountain, his given name was Chen Xiyi (871-989). The name of the stick and ruler techniques were originally called the Qian Kun needle or Qi guiding stick. He also imparted the 24 sitting Qi Gong techniques. These techniques were passed down as part of Taoist practices.

Huo Cheng Guang visited Shanxi and it is here that Master Peng Tingjun learned the techniques from him. He was taught in a broken fashion over many years, but through perseverance and hard work attained a very high level of practice.

Master Hu Yaozhen learned Chinese medicine and boxing since the age of sixteen he had taken a roundabout way of learning and did not have access to a high level teacher until he met master Peng Tingjun in Shanxi he followed his teacher and combined what he had learned with his skill in Chinese medicine to help many people.

Master Feng Zhiqiang learned the techniques from Master Hu Yaozhen and with the knowledge from his other teacher Master Chen Fake further developed the techniques of Stick and Ruler and also Qi Gong. He passed on these techniques to his disciples in China of which Master Chen Hui Ying is one.