Krabi Krabong

I was due to meet my friend Pedro Villalobos at his gym in Chiangmai, and had asked him if I could meet his teacher in Krabi krabong but he had been very elusive in his reply as his teacher did not seek money or fame and taught for the love of the art. When I arrived at the gym there was a very fit looking man moving around the matted area very quickly, utilisating multi directional footwork, Pedro introduced us and this began my relationship with Kru K and the start of my journey in Krabi Krabong, it was fate that had us meet that day as Pedro had not known he would come to the gym and the previous night I had dreamed he would be there. Kru K asked if I wanted to learn from him and after I said I


Pedro, his girlfriend, Pi Pen, Kru K. me, Marco

would be honoured he asked me to follow him to his house so that the next day we could begin our training. It was and is very difficult for me to learn Krabi Krabong as it starts from the knees and this is not the norm for a westerner, but the one thing I bring to the game is determination and I was determined to learn this art despite all the pain I was going through. Kru K is a very special teacher and I now appreciate why Pedro does not introduce him to just anyone or recommend students to train with him, his skill with the double swords isĀ unbelievableĀ and he is reputably the best in the school where he learned. It has been two years of on and off training with Kru K and I am still a beginner in many ways, but I am still determined to learn and when time allows will return to my studies.