Dumog 5×5 System

This is taught after the basics of empty hands have been learned and drilled and they are an addition to that area of training.

Dumog in the system is mainly Elbows, knees, headbutts and arm/leg drags as well as some trapping so the work is done at close range.

We could use Hubud as our catalyst here to work these techniques, or get your training partner to feed various strikes for you to practice entering and then applying the relevant technique. Obviously elbows and knees are dangerous so in a training situation make sure you are padded up and train safely.

Kicks should all be aimed below the waist and attack joints or small bones like in the foot, leg trapping and sweeping can also be used and we have exercises to strengthen leg muscles.

As most encounters could end up on the ground we try to work techniques to keep it standing using footwork and mobility, but in the event we are taken down or trip we utilise some techniques on the ground, to then enable us to get up.

Train safe and keep smiling if you need any further info or have any questions please get in touch.

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