Is It The Destination Or The Journey?

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Sometimes we hear this expression, that its about the journey not the destination and its how we get there not where we are going that’s important. Certainly as a life long Martial Artist, the journey is an important part, but so is the destination otherwise why make the journey? I am a believer in hard work and that you never get something for nothing, there is always a price to pay and in so doing the rewards are greater in physical, mental and spiritual ways.

Yesterday I made a journey to Wat Doi Kam (Temple On Golden Mountain) and it proved to be all of these things. The journey starts with 500 stairs that lead up the mountain in itself a test of endurance, but in 30 degree heat a greater test. Once at the top you are faced with a beautiful temple with many Buddha statues and other deities. You soon forget the hardship of getting there and concentrate on your destination. Then it’s time to return the way you came and going down is just as hard as coming up, as the ground and steps at the lower levels are very uneven. It takes a lot of concentration to remain sure footed and so we have the lesson, be mindful at all times. Never be comfortable with your situation, accept what you cannot change and adapt. Be happy in yourself and also for others who walk the same path, for we all make the same journey!

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