Krabi Krabong (continued)

I arrived at Kru K house at 8.45am and he explained that the first thing we would learn is how to warm up with the swords we did this for about 15 minutes then Kru showed me the two Wai Kru which are done at the beginning of every session to pay respects to our teachers and the ancestors. Both Wai Kru start from the knees and one stays completely on the kness whilst the other stands up, they are both difficult to do well and Kru K made them look effortless, after about 45 minutes we then looked at the basic striking techniques and defense called Mae Mai or mother skills, we spent about another 45 minutes drilling these, then Kru said enough for that day, my feet and knees were wrecked as we trained on concrete and walking was extremely painful as I had blisters, Kru said he would see me the next day for training at the same time.

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