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CNY08This is a photo I found that my friend Lun Lok took in 2008, at the Manchester Chinese New Year celebrations and it made me think about that day and what a good time it was. As I had brought some of my friends and students with me to experience for the first time being at a Lion Dance and Chinese New Year from the inside. It is completely different when you are involved walking along Princess Street seeing the huge crowds cheering and clapping it is truly a great experience and a tribute to the people of Manchester that they come out year after year to celebrate with the Chinese community.

This was the last Chinese New year I participated in simply because I moved to Thailand. Although I have visited Manchester since and spent time in the Kwoon of Chu Sifu I have not been able to arrange to be there for the celebrations. In 2009 I went to the celebrations in London to support my friends there, Dave Stevens, Iain Armstrong and Eddie Barrios and since then have not been in the UK as the Chinese New year was celebrated.

The picture shows myself waiting for my turn on the drum, my good friend and senior student John Farrell on the cymbals, his son John on the drum and my good friend and student Jane Jackson taking it all in to my right.

A Great day!!!!

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