Leo Gaje Seminar

This two day seminar was held in Newcastle and was to be an introduction to the Pekiti Tersia system. The seminar was hosted by Bill Lowery and after the introductions we got right down to an hour of full power strikes in the air in very low stances. Grand Tuhon Gaje was assisted by Uli Weidle who is the European representative for Pekiti Tersia. The first day was all about basic techniques and drilling them. On the evening of the first day Bill had organised a Filipino banquet and as I had gone with Rob Campion and Krishna was there also it was a great experience.

The second day was more about the knife and again after about 45 minutes of power stick work we got down to some great techniques, Tuhon Gaje did a great demo of arrest techniques and it was a fantastic experience. We all received a certificate of attendance and it was a brilliant weekend.

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