Master Swordmaker

Ajarn Kor Neeow and Kru K

I first heard about this man in 2009 but did not get the opportunity to visit him untill 2010, as he took some tracking down. His name is Kor Neeow and he is reputably the best sword smith in Thailand. He lives just outside Lamphang in the North of Thailand and he has a large workshop where swords and knives are all forged and finished by hand. I always enjoy visiting him regardless of whether I am buying blades or not because it is such a great experience watching him and his guys making the swords and knives. I am very lucky in that he has said I can go and learn from him when I have time. He also produces high quality Katana, Wakasashi and Tanto swords as he gets all his steel from Japan and forges in the traditional way. His work is always in high demand and he has made swords for the King of Thailand.It is a real honour to consider this man my teacher and I hope one day soon to learn more from him. Anybody reading this who is interested in purchasing a sword or knife please contact me and I will arrange.

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