Muay Chaiya Nawarrat continued

putting me through my pacesMy next session with Kru Mud involved first going over what I had learned previously then working one to one with Kru using the pads to do techniques sticking to the correct footwork pattern. I had done a lot of western boxing in the UK so was used to working on pads but this was quite different as the footwork and guard position was completely different and it had been a long time since I had worked kicks and knees into drills. It is quite daunting working with Kru Mud as he does not use pre arranged drills he just calls out the technique then you do it trying to listen and carry out the technique, but Kru is great very patient, and also very funny which makes the training fun but still difficult in the heat of Bangkok.
I worked as hard as I could for the two hours and then had to say goodbye to Kru as had my flight to catch.

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