The hardest time

When we are injured or just not motivated it can be the hardest of times as a martial artist. We have trained our mind and bodies to accept pain and the repetition and perfection of techniques but nothing prepares you for when that ends. Or when you feel that there is nothing left to achieve or strive for, it’s a strange feeling indeed not something I am accustomed to. It’s like accepting your fate, embracing the inevitability that physical skills are not enough, there has to be something more?

Maybe its time in my life and martial arts to review and reduce what I do. Not increase, but decrease. Not more, but less. Refine it and condense it, to the essence of whats important. I think I finally understand a few things, here’s to the next 40 years of personal development!!

Chinese New Year

As I sit here in the afternoon heat I am contemplating what this time of year means to me?
For a long time it controlled my life and also my time in that for the week coming up to and also during Chinese New Year. I was Lion Dancing and doing demonstrations for my Kung Fu Sifu and extended family, it was always a very enjoyable time for me I had trained long and hard and this was my time to shine and show the world the skills I had been taught and the gifts I had received from Chu Sifu.

From my first Lion dance in 1981 I was hooked and completely dedicated to learning and performing the Lion Dance. Over the years I worked hard at being the best I could be and it culminated in being able to drum non stop for the complete Chinese New Years day.

The drummer started the dance and also was the last to finish a total of 5-6 hours in those days, to be as fresh at the end as I was at the beginning was a tribute to Chu Sifu’s training and I loved it still do and miss it terribly at this time of year.

I would like to wish my Sifu his family and Kung Fu brothers and sisters a happy new year may they perform to the best of their abilities keeping the tradition alive for the next generation.

Kung Hei Fat Choy !!!

Fate or Fated?

 Grand Master Ajarn AreeSometimes in life we have a choice and sometimes the choice is made for us regarding circumstance and opportunity. Last week saw us lose a teacher and brother from within our Krabi Krabong brotherhood, but it has also thrown open an opportunity for me to realise a dream and an ambition! Something I thought had passed me by.

I have lots of experience and I suppose many styles I have studied to a very high level, but this is where I belong I realise that. It is where I am meant to be and so I will try and embrace this opportunity 100% and help show the world the culture and beauty of this martial Art.

Anyone interested in practising authentic and practical krabi Krabong please get in touch you can visit us here or we are available to come to you.

RIP Kru Dang

I have just heard the sad news one of my teachers has passed away, Kru Dang from CMU Daab Thai. I enjoyed my time training with him and will carry the memories of his teaching I hope he is at peace, my love and respect.


Kru Dang teaching me


I have been a bit amiss of late regarding writing, training and being a friend, sometimes its easy to make excuses and then lie to yourself that its more important to keep your job than to be true to yourself. The one constant thing in my life has been my passion for MARTIAL ARTS not just the ones I teach and practise but all the arts. It’s time to re-focus and get back to it.

I need to work yes so that I can help provide for my family, but I also need to train and teach when I can so with that in mind I have started my new regime its not going to be easy getting back to what I was, but every journey starts with whats under your feet.

I have so much I want to practise and so much I understand, but I need to focus and work on what I feel I need. Not easy with nearly forty years training in 5 different arts so much choice, but will think, plan and then put into practise what I believe is best for me, train well and stay safe.

New Job new start!!!!!

Life is strange sometimes with many twists and turns and when you think things are going nice and steady something will happen to remind you of the impermanence of things.

Teaching has been a great experience for me in school, and privately I have met some great people and enjoyed the time, but it seems my path is leading to another door and it is time to move along. It is a great challenge my new job, it does involve some staff development and also using different skills, but mainly it will give me a chance to also develop myself. I think this is important wherever you work or whatever you do you must try to develop yourself and also challenge yourself.

Maybe martially it will develop also, as the Golf resort I am going to work at is very good and the quality of the course and players will test me in a different way. So I look forward to sharing my new experiences with you and Taiji and Qigong for golf is the next project (only joking), but will be definitely offering our staff and guests the opportunity to learn and practice for free.

New house new start

I am up early everyday, but sometimes life gets in the way and training is shortened to allow for what you need to do, getting kids to school and going to work.

I have decided I need to wake up earlier do my training then be in a better position to face the day, the 30 minutes extra will allow me to give my training 100% concentration and get 100% benefit.

Fortunately I am a morning person and so enjoy waking early to start the day and always have, also the benefit is that at the time I am training my teacher will also be teaching and training so I can get the energy of our training through time and space, well in my mind at the very least.