Rediscovered passion

Looking at the title you could be fooled into thinking I am in love with another , but no just a title for my rekindled affection for Wing Chun.
Since having this latest back injury I have been consistently training the Hunyuan 24 step form despite it giving me a little pain and after discomfort, I don’t think this is the fault of the system but more my own imbalance as I am not walking that well. I decided to look at Wing Chun as my salvation to training and as I knew the three forms of Sil Lum Tao, Chum Kiu and Bil Gee I decided to use them to help me back on the road to recovery. My obvious start point Sil Lum Tao was great as the goat riding stance position helped my back and because it is static no real upsetting of the back, I continued to train it twice sometimes three times a day for a week and saw some improvement in my Sciatica issues, I added Chum Kiu and though cant kick very high managed it relatively pain free, I tried Bil Gee yesterday and it was fine so today i practised all three, and with the help of local clinic feel that I am well on the road to recovery. Training like this has made me realise how much I know and what I had thought forgotten but was there just waiting to be rediscovered. It is not the end of my affair with Wing Chun as I think I will incorporate it into my daily routine always room for improvement and who knows where it will take me.

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I am a lifelong practitioner of Chinese and Filipino Martial Arts, I have also studied Krabi Krabong and Muay Boraan in Thailand, I have studied Chinese Tui Na and Thai massage and make my own linaments and balm. I have written various articles and also three novels and a biography of my life and travels as well as a book of poems

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