I was thinking back to the time Chu Sifu was teaching me Chu Gar Kuen and specifically the Phoenix eye fist. He was explaining how it can be used at extremely close range, and showed me the technique to use and how to practice it. He wasn’t satisfied however as he felt he needed to show me in more detail.

He had been to the market and bought some fruit for the altar he took an apple randomly from the bag of fruit, he rolled the apple with his index finger from throat height to chest height using the wooden dummy, once it was at chest height he formed the phoenix eye fist with the finger that had rolled it and then using inch force demolished the apple into pulp, this was done in one smooth motion no stopping or jerking. I had been conditioning my Phoenix eye fist for about 6 months and he asked me to reproduce what he had done and I did it no problems, but his advice was to try this only once as a test of your progression as the acid that is in the apple can get into your joints and make them bad if done continually.

As always Chu Sifu had shown me something and had me test it and so giving me the enthusiasm to continue. As the training was very hard and laborious, a labour of love no doubt, but still we all need encouragement and he always knew the correct time to give it.

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