Sayoc Kali

I was very lucky to be asked by Krishna to the first Sayoc Kali seminar in the UK. All the Tuhons from Sayoc Kali were in attendance including the newly promoted Ray Dionaldo.

We covered the 3 of 9 template and added a lot of other stuff including breaking down the techniques and covering damage limitation when fighting against another knife. All the Tuhons were good but the highlight for me was Ray Dionaldo demonstrating the Kerambit and Tuhon Felix Cortes who did double extendable batons. I got on really well with Tuhon Felix and he said I had very fast hands for a big guy. I attended the seminar with a few of my warriors guys and we got a lot out of the seminar.

The second Sayoc seminar I attended was with Tuhon Tom Kier, his speed and power are awesome to behold and for a big guy he moves really well it was a real privilege to be given access to this level of instruction, overall I enjoyed the seminars and practicing the Sayoc Kali system but for me I wanted to work with Felix Cortes more but it was Tuhon Tom Kier who was to visit the UK more and teach the seminars.

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