Sun Style San Ti

To learn Xing Yi Quan correctly and certainly from the Sun Style perspective, a thorough and continuous training in San Ti is required.

What does it mean?
We interpret San Ti as meaning the three trinity’s, the connection between heaven, earth and man. As when we look at how we practice San Ti, we have the head and hands pointing to heaven, the feet that grip the earth and the alignments of the body, that with breathing improve us a human beings.

San Ti is an exercise to help us understand ourselves. It is a difficult path to follow, but to start out on the path of Xing Yi means an undertaking, to seriously follow this exercise. For to reap the benefits of the rest of the system the root San Ti will give you is invaluable.

How do I know if my San Ti is Correct?
Our method of practicing San Ti Shi has been passed down from Sun Lu Tang directly to Master Lei Shi Mo, then to Master Lei Shi Tai and then to Bob Melia and is based on correct alignments of the body; if these alignments are correct then the San Ti is correct

Alignment 1.
Front knee in line with front heel (see Photo)

Alignment 2.
Rear knee in line with rear foot, (see photo)

Alignment 3.
Lower back in line with rear heel, (see photo)

Master Lei Shi Mo

When Master Lei Shi Mo went to Sun Lu Tang he weighed 130kg and so as he could not do any other type of movements Sun Lu Tang gave him only San Ti to practice. Everyday Lei Shi Mo would stand in San Ti and only practice this exercise until a pool of his sweat was on the floor where he had stood, gradually over a period of time his weight began to normalise and he was then able to learn Sun Shi completely from Sun Lu Tang.

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