Sun Style Xing Yi Linking Form

This form is what it says, a link between the five elements and 12 animal styles, but first we should look at how this works.

It was explained to me by teacher Lei Shi Tai that the 5 elements are not linked to specific organs or designed to counter each other but just to build a specific power or energy, this energy should be heavy and rooted but not hard or forceful once you have this idea through practice of the 5 elements and San Ti then the linking form is learned.

The linking form is a fast relaxed set of movements incorporating all the 5 element fists and is designed to let you understand the usage of each fist in a practical way as you have already developed the power needed for each fist so the transition is a natural one.

After the linking fist the 12 Animal style can be learned and again each one is designed to give you a specific attribute.

In the Sun Style the linking form is very important but only if you have trained the 5 element fist correctly will you benefit from it.

If anybody is interested in more information or have questions then please get in touch.

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