Back to training

Its been a very hectic week since I got back home to Chiangmai, its not been easy but I have managed time for training. In our new house we don’t have the same space as before but I have found a great spot to train its at a busy intersection at the side of our new house but its perfect for me I practise early morning and its great as a lot of other people are out walking or cycling so they stand and watch but are very polite and don’t talk till I finished which is a contrast to practising in China as people just walk in front of you and don’t think k they are interrupting your practise but this is great for your awareness training as you need to have an active concentration when in Beijing.

Back home

I am back home in Thailand and it was good trip back to the UK, I can’t believe how much things have changed.
A big thank you to my family and friends it was great seeing you and to my friend and student Dave get training!!!!

Hunyuan 38 step Pao Chui

This form is an excellent way to gain strength health and vitality it has so much inside of a practical usage I keep finding new things about it everyday after I finish practising it and analyse my training.
Grand master Feng took the original Pao Chui and distilled the essence into the 38 step form and it is truly a unique piece of martial arts training.
The advice from my teacher Chen Hui Ying was too only practise it once a day and the 24 step form 3 times as I think it can develop too much yang energy so needs to be balanced and at my age and experience health is more important than practical techniques so I have kept to his advice but enjoy training this form everyday.

Krabi Krabong History

During my research into the history of Krabi Krabong in Thailand there is very little information, especially regarding the development in Northern Thailand.

One thing I have uncovered is very interesting in that during the 19th Century Temples were places that taught a great many things and swordsmanship was one of the things taught. This was due to the fact that many ex soldiers took to the robes to gain merit for the harm they had done on the battlefield and still passed their skills on to the next generation to help them protect their families and villages and also to prepare them for war.

First the practitioner would be taught meditation, Samadhi to help concentration and discipline the mind for the training to come, the Wat was a perfect place with no outward distractions.

Unfortunately I believe many of these schools died out when the Abbot or monks who were teaching passed away, but it partly explains how the art survived and evolved.
It is interesting to note that the events are similar to the Shaolin temple in that warrior monks trained in fighting arts and Buddhism, but the main difference in Thailand is the monks were just, that they had renounced the warriors path and taught to help preserve and protect.

Back to Training

It is a great feeling being able to practise again but even when I was poorly I still tried to practise in my mind visualising the movements getting the feeling of energy passing through my system and directing it with my mind to the infection to help heal quickly.
Sometimes we forget how important the mind is and how it can help, in Taiji we concentrate on each movement trying to control our movements and relax so the energy can flow and give us health and vitality, but it is the mind that is the guide for the energy and that by practising in concentrating we are making the mind stronger, Taiji is likened to meditation with movements but I don’t think there is a difference between Taiji and meditation as both have stillness in movement and movement in stillness.

Funny thing…. Life!

As I am a Buddhist and live in Thailand I want to study Vippassana meditation, the main centre is Wat Rampoeng but it involves a 10 or 30 day retreat and with my family situation it is just not possible, anyway when I was visiting the hospital getting the dressing changed on my leg I met a monk who spoke excellent English and invited me to learn at his temple when I have time, the temple is not far from our house and I will definitely be visiting him and taking advantage of this great opportunity so it goes to show out of a bad situation something good can happen.