Training Hunyuan

Since I started training in Hunyuan like anything I felt it would take time to adjust from the Sunstyle I had previously been studying as I had practised Sunstyle for over 12 years including Xing Yi and Bagua.
I can honestly say the results have been surprising I feel much stronger in the core and also more flexible and supple in my lower back which is great for me as I have an herniated disc at L4/5 that since starting to practise the Hunyuan seriously has given me no probs at all.
It could be a culmination of all the years of training but I believe it is the Hunyuan and the way I was taught that is making the difference.

Back In The Swing

Now I am back in Chiangmai I am doing some serious daily practice that includes the 24 Step Hunyuan Taiji form, Qigong and Wuji standing. The place I practice is great as it is secluded, but visible to other people. I get lots of people looking at my practice as they pass going to work or school, but that’s fine as I am used to that, having studied in China where the people always watch whether you are a foreigner or not. I am enjoying the practice but I will also supplement my training in the coming weeks with some cycling and swimming as I have joined a fitness centre locally and will take advantage of their excellent facilities.



Hunyuan 38 step Pao Chui

This form is an excellent way to gain strength health and vitality it has so much inside of a practical usage I keep finding new things about it everyday after I finish practising it and analyse my training.
Grand master Feng took the original Pao Chui and distilled the essence into the 38 step form and it is truly a unique piece of martial arts training.
The advice from my teacher Chen Hui Ying was too only practise it once a day and the 24 step form 3 times as I think it can develop too much yang energy so needs to be balanced and at my age and experience health is more important than practical techniques so I have kept to his advice but enjoy training this form everyday.

Sun Style Free Style Push Hands

Once you have practiced the single, double and stepping push hands you can begin to learn how to use Sun Style Taiji, Xing Yi and Bagua using the freestyle method.

When I first when to Teacher Lei Shi Tai in 2005, this is how he taught me by using the freestyle push hands as a base. Then trying to use techniques from the form or the 5 Element Fist at first, then introduce other techniques getting progressively more difficult and potentially dangerous for your partner. As the Bagua has a lot of trips and throws as Lei Laoshi demonstrated many times introducing me to trees and bushes as well as the floor on many occasions, but it was always done in a good way with no anger or outward showing of force and it was a very enjoyable experience.

Training the push hands with Chen Laoshi is completely different he can make his energy disappear so you feel nothing. Then he gives it back to you with your own and his energy combined, truly inspiring and an honour to have him teach me.

Hunyuan 24 Step Taiji

Chen Laoshi, Me, Duan Laoshi

This is the foundation form of the Chen Shi Hunyuan Xin Yi System created by the late Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang.

It is designed for beginners and older people, with the emphasis on moving the energy round the body in circles.

Grandmaster Feng designed the system from his many years of research and he meant the system to be a straight line to gaining health using his methods.

The hands in Hunyuan taiji are the guide and whatever way they circle is mirrored in the Dantian this gives the practitioner a direct link with intent as he can feel which way the hands move and so transmit that to thinking about moving the energy in the Dantian.

I had previously practiced Sun Style Taiji for over 12 years but felt it needed the Xing Yi to gain the benefits. My short experience with Hunyuan has given me better results regarding health in a much shorter time. I have gone on to learn the 38 step cannon fist form as well, giving me a more rounded training as I have a form from Yi Lu and one from Er Lu.

When I am next in Beijing I am hoping to learn the 48 step Hunyuan Taiji and progress more in the system. My teacher Chen Hui Ying is a great teacher, patient and knowledgeable plus he can use the taiji if he needs to and I am lucky that he shows me the martial as well as the health.