Hunyuan 24 Step Taiji

Chen Laoshi, Me, Duan Laoshi

This is the foundation form of the Chen Shi Hunyuan Xin Yi System created by the late Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang.

It is designed for beginners and older people, with the emphasis on moving the energy round the body in circles.

Grandmaster Feng designed the system from his many years of research and he meant the system to be a straight line to gaining health using his methods.

The hands in Hunyuan taiji are the guide and whatever way they circle is mirrored in the Dantian this gives the practitioner a direct link with intent as he can feel which way the hands move and so transmit that to thinking about moving the energy in the Dantian.

I had previously practiced Sun Style Taiji for over 12 years but felt it needed the Xing Yi to gain the benefits. My short experience with Hunyuan has given me better results regarding health in a much shorter time. I have gone on to learn the 38 step cannon fist form as well, giving me a more rounded training as I have a form from Yi Lu and one from Er Lu.

When I am next in Beijing I am hoping to learn the 48 step Hunyuan Taiji and progress more in the system. My teacher Chen Hui Ying is a great teacher, patient and knowledgeable plus he can use the taiji if he needs to and I am lucky that he shows me the martial as well as the health.

Training when not 100%

I have an infection at the moment and the tablets I am taking make me feel tired but I am still managing to train daily but is the training doing me any good? I think sometimes I am working against myself and going backwards as the idea of exercise is to improve our health and by training am I emptying the tank instead of topping it up. Hunyuan is a decent workout for Taiji and when I am 100% I get great results from the daily training and feel really healthy.

With my experience I feel I understand my body enough to realise if I am doing more harm than good. Daily training has always helped me in the past to overcome illness and stress, so I think I will persevere and see how things go. I can ease up if I need too, but really feel I need to train everyday to gain more understanding of how the Hunyuan works.

I don’t recommend this for everyone as if I had injured a joint or muscle would approach my training differently and maybe just do some standing Qigong if able or sitting if not able to stand or balance. The mind is the key to this type of training! I hope anyone reading this who has similar or other injuries can gain something from it and if I can help with any advice please get in touch.

Daily practise continued

One of the hardest things about training in Thailand is the heat, even at 5.00am it has been 80° some days making for hard work.

The insects are another problem as lots of mosquitos around early morning especially if it has rained.

My regime was getting established but felt I needed to slow down or add to my training to get the most from the time I have.

I was doing the Hunyuan 24 step 3 times which was taking about 12-13 minutes each time and the 38 step Cannon Fist which was taking about the same, so I decided to add the Hunyuan Qigong to my daily training so that I could maximise the time.

Daily practise

On my return from Beijing I was determined to carry on the regime I had learned. Chen Laoshi had advised me on how to practise and what to practise so the rest was up to me.

My partner Kor has a shop at the front of the house and we have a daughter 2yr 3 month a daughter 11 yrs old and our eldest who is 18 and is a hairdresser with a shop attached to our house so it is a busy place with not a lot of time to practise.

I decided the only way I can practise without any distractions is early in the morning so I set my alarm for 5am and looked forward to the exercise.

I had already decided on the space I needed for practise and asked everybody to keep clear for me as they tended to park bicycles and motorbikes anywhere and if I had to move them would creep into my already limited practise time.

The first day I managed to train for just under an hour completing the Hunyuan Taiji 24 step 3 times and the 38 step Cannon fist once. I knew it was a little fast but at least I was practising I would get better at timing the forms the more I did them as at home I did not have the benefit of following Chen Laoshi.