Sun Style Xing Yi 12 Animals Part 1

The following are how I learned them from Teacher Lei Shi Tai and he stressed that they could be practiced anyway you felt or in any order it was not important to do them strictly following a predetermined order.

I first learned Ma Xing (Horse) and there are two ways of doing this form a traditional straight line way and also a way using exchange step making it a practical method, it charges like a horse excluding the opponents guard or dragging the opponent towards you then hitting him with two fists.

Hu Xing (Tiger) was next and this involved a small step and jump to close the distance to the opponent and the footwork is at 45° as the opponent is pulled and pushed.

I then learned Tai Xing (Ostrich) again the start of the form involved a small step and a jump then stepping at 45° a double punch then a double block up is performed, the double block up is performed very fast before the next step is taken to perform the double punch.

Toh Xing (Llizard) this is done in a circular motion a bit like Yun Shou (Cloud Hands) using semi circular stepping this can also be done in circles forwards or backwards it is a very flexible form.

Yen Xing (Swallow) is a simple form with some devastating movement including jumping and a very powerful punch it swoops down to unbalance an opponent and also has some Qi Na.

Ji Xing (Chicken) this is a very powerful form and devastates an opponent rattling their teeth and shaking their bones.

Sun Style Xing Yi Linking Form

This form is what it says, a link between the five elements and 12 animal styles, but first we should look at how this works.

It was explained to me by teacher Lei Shi Tai that the 5 elements are not linked to specific organs or designed to counter each other but just to build a specific power or energy, this energy should be heavy and rooted but not hard or forceful once you have this idea through practice of the 5 elements and San Ti then the linking form is learned.

The linking form is a fast relaxed set of movements incorporating all the 5 element fists and is designed to let you understand the usage of each fist in a practical way as you have already developed the power needed for each fist so the transition is a natural one.

After the linking fist the 12 Animal style can be learned and again each one is designed to give you a specific attribute.

In the Sun Style the linking form is very important but only if you have trained the 5 element fist correctly will you benefit from it.

If anybody is interested in more information or have questions then please get in touch.

Diary 2008

The following is excerpts from my trip to Beijing in 2008, as usual it was a great trip and my thanks to Mr and Mrs Lei Shi Tai for making it a truly memorable one.

Day 1
Arrived Beijing and was met by Lei Laoshi, went for dinner with Mr and Mrs Lei.

Day 2
Practicedwith Mr Lei and Students, learned Hu Xing and Ma Xing, as well as practicing Tui Shou and the 5 elements from Xing Yi.
Laoshi said Taiji is like putting you hand in a stream to catch fish you cant see them but as soon as you feel one you grab it.
Xing Yi is like catching shrimp which jump so you have to explode quickly to catch them.
Bagua is like turning a mill stone.

In Taiji the backbone should be like a bow and you should not lead from the waist, you should move altogether, try to keep the tailbone tucked in and facing the floor.

Day 3
Reviewed Hu Xing and Ma Xing, then learned Lien Wan Quan and practiced pushing hands.

Day 4
Reviewed Hu Xing, Ma Xing and Lien Wan Quan, learned Toh Xing and Tai Xing

Day 5
Reviewed Tuo Xing and Tai Xing got corrections, learned Ji Xing and looked at Pi Quan in more detail

Day 6
Reviewed five elements and did push hands, Mr Lei showed me Huo Xing but not learned it yet.

Day 7
Reviewed Ji Xing, Hu Xing, Ma Xing, Tuo Xing and Tai Xing, then learned Yen Xing.

Day 8
Visited Mr Lei’s club practised Taiji and all the Xing Yi I had learned so far, did some push hands with his students.

Day 9
Visited Mr Lei’s club practised Taiji learned different ending, then practise push hands and Xing Yi, learned Bagua circle and straight walking and single palm change.

Day 10
PracticedJi Xing then push hands with Lei Laoshi 1.45 min. tough day!!

Day 11
Learned She Xing, then did push hands, Mr lei explained how Pi Quan makes all the other fists and that it does not matter which one defeats or makes the other, they just develop different power and so when appropriate you can use it, the 12 animals give you the ability to move freely in any direction and coupled with the techniques in them make them useful.

Day 12
Reviewed She Xing, then push hands

Day 13
Learned Xong/Ying Xing eagle and bear, plus push hands got connection in my back and must remember it!!

Day 14
Reviewed Xong/Ying Xing then push hands.

Day 15
No practice

Day 16
Went to Laoshi’s house, practiced push hands and learned theory, he said for visualisations we should use water for Taiji, a mountain for Xing Yi and a Typhoon for Bagua.

Day 17
Practised push hands as raining very heavy

Day 18
Learned Yau Xing and Long Xing, reviewed Xong and Ying plus Lien Wan Quan and push hands.

Day 19
Last day learned Huo Xing, five directions and jumping glad I learned this last!!

Also I visited the Bai Yun Guan ( white cloud temple) and Mr and Mrs Lei took me to Tan Zhe Si temple and to Sun Jian Yun’s grave site, these were great experiences for me and meeting and practicing with Lei Laoshi’s students was also a fantastic experience as there was no ego just people wanting to practice.