Lion Dancing

Once I had settled in at Master Chu’s I was very keen to learn Lion Dancing my ambition was to be the drummer something that would take about 5 years of hard work.

I first learned how to dance the tail before learning the head and was also taught the gong and cymbals so I could help more at lion dances and Chinese new year celebrations as this our busiest time and we had to put out multiple teams.

John Faz was the main dancer (and still is) and he taught me well. With my Kung Fu brother John Webb we set out to learn some tricks for doing the lion dance including climbing and balancing as well as practising picking different greens

We trained very hard and it showed in our performances over the years we have done lion dances for royalty, television and we opened the Trafford Centre in Manchester.

The most memorable for me were at Samye Linge monastary in Scotland where we did a dance for Tai Situpa and got to speak with him.

I have lots of memories of dances and demonstrations the ones that stay with me are of being in the Connaught restaurant van with all the guys and equipment and Lee Sing  shouting at the top of his voice “whiskey” as we hurtled along to our destination.

They were happy days!