Mark Wiley Seminars

I attended Mark’s first seminar in the UK organised by Krishna in Warwick where he taught Kali Ilustrisimo. It was fantastic to be doing a lot of blade work and the techniques he showed were really excellent. Unfortunately Mark also did some Kung Fu which went down like a lead balloon with most people but as I had previous experience I loved it and Mark noticed this and after being introduced properly by Krishna we got on really well exchanging email and keeping in contact afterwards.

The second seminar I attended was also organised by Krishna and was covering the art of Cabales Serrada Eskrima, I loved this seminar and had taken some guys along as well which was great for our club, again Mark spent a lot of time with me and I was one of only a few guys who understood and could do the stuff he was showing. After attending these seminars and keeping in contact with Mark he asked if I would be interested in becoming an apprentice instructor under him and though it was tempting I preferred to stay with Krishna as Mark was teaching his integrated Eskrima and I was more interested in studying the Ilustrisimo and the cabales as separate arts. I think this was a missed opportunity on my part but I have no regrets we make our own choices and walk our own path based on those choices.