Muay Chaiya Nawarrat continued

My third session with Kru mud started off as usual with the basics being drilled then some pad work.
During a rest I asked Kru about teaching in Chiangmai he said it was possible but I needed to complete the training first and there were two paths because of my age and experience.
The first path was to go through the syllabus and learn what was needed to teach then if given permission to teach recruit some students and get them to do the day to day teaching of basics whilst I would teach the techniques and oversee the training.
The second path is that I would undergo the training like a fighter so Kru asked me if I could do 8 x 3 minute rounds and I said yes, so Kru taught me the technique then timed the rounds we did this for the 8 rounds with a minute rest in between rounds utilising different techniques per round each one getting more complicated, the techniques were carried out using a stationary dummy wrapped in rope and I wore gloves and shin guards.
Towards the end I was really tired and completed the required amount but it was not easy and I felt drained and completely worn out. I think I need a combination of the types of training Kru offers I am not as young as I was when I started this journey and priorities change as your life changes.
I am still only at the beginning stages of training in Muay Chaiya Nawarrat but when time and money allows I will travel again to see Kru Mud and complete the training.