Seminars concluded

I hope you have enjoyed reading these snippets of the seminars and great Martial Artist I have had the pleasure of training with, a big thank you must go to Krishna Godhania for having the foresight to bringing these people to the UK as without his influence these arts would not be as widely spread or as popular I am sure. Also a big thank you to Pete Lewis in introducing Bakbakan and Bahad Zu’Bu to the UK.

Rey Galang Seminar

This is the last seminar I attended and was organised by my good friend Peter Lewis.
It was in Worcester and I took along five of my guys who had been training the FMA with me. The seminar was a very technical one and covered a lot of the beginning syllabus of Bakbakan and though my guys struggled a bit they stuck to it and started to appreciate why Bakbakan is a formidable style.

After 5 hours of intensive training we had to stop as the weather had worsened and we had a long drive home, it was a great experience training with Master Rey and again I was so fortunate to get access to this man who had a direct link to Antonio “Tatang” Ilustrisimo and really understood the concepts he instilled.