Sun Taiji Jian

Originally this form was called San Cai Jian and was a Northern Kung Fu weapon form that is taught mainly in the Ching Wu gymnasiums.

As in most of all he learned Sun Lu Tang adopted this form and incorporated the movements that are within the Sun Shi Taiji to invent a unique form of movements designed both to be graceful and practical. The Sun Shi Taiji Jian is a difficult set of movements to learn as it involves the practitioner changing height and weight distribution constantly and unlike other Taiji Jian forms is not done in a slow motion fashion, but performed as any other Kung Fu movements.

It is important when practising this form to keep the movements long and to make the sword do the work, this is a difficult thing to master as there is a tendency to use force but this is not the way of the Jian, brute force is more suited to the use of the Dao!!

This sword form is a culmination of all Sun Lu Tangs knowledge incorporating the skills of Xing Yi and Bagua, with the grace and relaxation of Sun Shi Taiji

Below is a list of movements of the Sun Shi Taiji Jian form as taught by us.

The Sun Style Taiji Jian (孙式太极剑)
1. qi-shi(起式) open movements
2. bai-he -liang -chi(白鹤亮翅)white crane spreads its wings
3. shuang-long-chu-shui (双龙出水)twin dragons escape the water
4. yao-zi-fan-shen(鹞子翻身)Hawk turns its body
5. dan-ju-ding(单举鼎)push up the left hand
6. xian-ren-zhi-lu(仙人指路)immortal points the way
7. qing-long-fan-shou(青龙返首) dragon turns its head
8. tai-gong-diao-yu(太公钓鱼)old man goes fishing
9. qing-long-tai-tou(青龙抬头)dragon raises its head
10. dan-ju-ding(单举鼎)push up the left hand
11. qing-long-xian-zhao(青龙献爪)dragon shows its claws
12. feng-huang-dian-tou(凤凰点头)phoenix nods its head
13. tian-bian-sao-yue(天边扫月)sweep the moon at the edge of heaven
14. meng-hu-jie-lu(猛虎截路)fierce tiger blocks the road
15. qing-long-suo-wei(青龙缩尾)dragon draws back its tail
16. he-hu-chu-dong(黑虎出洞)tiger comes out of its cave
17. ping-sha-luo-yan(平沙落雁)goose on flat sand
18. qing-long-chu-shui(青龙出水)dragon enters the sea
19. huai-zhong-bao-yue(怀中抱月)embrace the moon
20. gu-yan-chu-qun(孤雁出群)the orphaned goose excels
21. yao-zi-shu-shen(鹞子束身)hawk tightens its body
22. hong-yan-song-shu(鸿雁送书)goose delivers the book
23. qing-ting-dian-shui(蜻蜓点水) skimming the water
24. hui-tou-wang-yue(回头望月)turn the head to look at the moon
25. bai-shi(败式)eight defeating styles
26. miao-shou-bei-zhan(妙手背斩)the wonderful hand cuts back
27. da-peng-zhan-chi(大鹏展翅)the mythical bird spreads its wings
28. meng-hu-jie-lu(猛虎截路)the brave fighter blocks the way
29. tui-chuang-wang-yue(推窗望月)push the window to see the moon
30. shun-shi-liao-wan(顺势撩腕)take advantage of the opportunity and pull up the wrist
31. qing-ting-dian-shui(蜻蜓点水)skimming the water
32. mo-pan-jian(磨盘剑)grinding the sword
33. pian-bang(片膀)cut arm to pieces
34. liao-wan(撩腕)pulls up the wrist
35. qing-long-suo-wei(青龙缩尾)black dragon shrinks the tail
36. hei-hu-chu-dong(黑虎出洞)black tiger leaves its cave
37. huai-zhong-bao-yue(怀中抱月)hug to the bosom
38. yao-zi-fan-shen(鹞子翻身)hawk turns its body
39. dan-ju-ding(单举鼎)push up the left hand
40. ji-bu-he-hu-chu-dong(跻步黑虎出洞)black tiger leaps from the cave
41. chou-liang-huan-zhu(抽梁换柱)substitution
42. wai-jie-jian(外截剑)sword limited to the outside
43. huai-zhong-bao-yue(怀中抱月)hug to the bosom
44. bai-she-fu-cao(白蛇伏草)white snake in the grass
45. ye-cha-tan-hai(夜叉探海)the demon searches the sea
46. feng-hou-gua-yin封侯挂印)confer nobility on the lord
47. yao-zi-shu-shen(鹞子束身)hawk exercises restraint
48. hong-yan-song-shu(鸿雁送书)goose delivers the book
49. wu-long-jiao-zhu(乌龙搅柱)crow stirs the column
50. qing-long-suo-wei(青龙缩尾)black dragon shrinks the tail
51. ji-bu-hei-hu-chu-dong(跻步黑虎出洞)black tiger leaps from the cave
52. li-jie-jian(里截剑)sword limited to the outside
53. yao-zi-shu-shen(鹞子束身)hawk exercises restraint
54. hong-yan-song-shu(鸿雁送书)goose delivers the book
55. qing-ting-dian-shui(蜻蜓点水)skimming the water
56. mo-pan-jian(磨盘剑)grinding the sword
57. yao-zi-ru-lin(鹞子入林)hawk enters the forest
58. huai-zhong-bao-yue(怀中抱月)hug to the bosom
59. pian-bang-liao-wan(片膀撩腕)cut the arm and pull up the wrist
60. cha-hua-gai-ding(插花盖顶)arrange the flowers to cover the top
61. yao-zi-fan-shen(鹞子翻身)hawk turns its body
62. shou-shi(收式)put in order