Daily practise continued

One of the hardest things about training in Thailand is the heat, even at 5.00am it has been 80° some days making for hard work.

The insects are another problem as lots of mosquitos around early morning especially if it has rained.

My regime was getting established but felt I needed to slow down or add to my training to get the most from the time I have.

I was doing the Hunyuan 24 step 3 times which was taking about 12-13 minutes each time and the 38 step Cannon Fist which was taking about the same, so I decided to add the Hunyuan Qigong to my daily training so that I could maximise the time.

Daily practise

On my return from Beijing I was determined to carry on the regime I had learned. Chen Laoshi had advised me on how to practise and what to practise so the rest was up to me.

My partner Kor has a shop at the front of the house and we have a daughter 2yr 3 month a daughter 11 yrs old and our eldest who is 18 and is a hairdresser with a shop attached to our house so it is a busy place with not a lot of time to practise.

I decided the only way I can practise without any distractions is early in the morning so I set my alarm for 5am and looked forward to the exercise.

I had already decided on the space I needed for practise and asked everybody to keep clear for me as they tended to park bicycles and motorbikes anywhere and if I had to move them would creep into my already limited practise time.

The first day I managed to train for just under an hour completing the Hunyuan Taiji 24 step 3 times and the 38 step Cannon fist once. I knew it was a little fast but at least I was practising I would get better at timing the forms the more I did them as at home I did not have the benefit of following Chen Laoshi.