Border Crossing


A part of living as an Ex Pat in Thailand is the regular border runs every 90 days to fulfill my visa requirements and be allowed to stay in the Kingdom for another 90 days.

As I live in the North of Thailand the nearest border is about 275km away in Mae Sai at the Myanmar border control.

I have always driven to the border and yesterday was no exception, it takes about 3-4 hours and involves driving over the mountains but as we have family who live in Chiang Rai it usually breaks the journey for us as we make it a family event.

Once you get to the border it is a simple case of being stamped out of Thailand, walking about 100 metres to Myanmar getting a day visa from them for 500 baht then either visiting the large market selling everything you could think of that is counterfeit or just let them know you are not shopping and so get your passport back stamped and return to Thailand after completing your arrival card.

All in all a painless experience just time consuming I think it would be nice for the Thai government to realise that for people who are married or have dependents here that a better solution could be found and easy to monitor as we live here all the time and could report to local immigration if needed.

Anyway all done for another 3 month’s!