Pakgang 5×5 System

This drill was originally from Balintawak that was adopted into the warriors system.

It is a great drill to get reaction speed and has some very good techniques at medium and close range.

I have adapted the techniques of the drill into empty hand and use the same format as the drill but without the weapon, this gives us a lot of flexibility in regards to attack and defence with a counter at the beginning of the drill as well.

This drill can also be used to work on different aspects like trapping and has a good range of strikes including straight punches and hammer-fists, with a great parry at close range which can set up an entry to a choke or lock.

This drill is meant to be performed very fast and the first few techniques can overwhelm an opponent if done correctly.

Train safe, keep smiling and enjoy your training.

Seminars concluded

I hope you have enjoyed reading these snippets of the seminars and great Martial Artist I have had the pleasure of training with, a big thank you must go to Krishna Godhania for having the foresight to bringing these people to the UK as without his influence these arts would not be as widely spread or as popular I am sure. Also a big thank you to Pete Lewis in introducing Bakbakan and Bahad Zu’Bu to the UK.

Abner Pasa Seminar

Abner Pasa is the grandmaster of the Warriors Eskrima system and Krishna’s teacher. It was to be a great experience for me as meeting him and the way he explained how the system worked was eye opening he moved so fluently in any range and with any weapon and it was a really great seminar.

A lot of time was spent getting the flow of the techniques and being flexible so you can change range or respond to the opponent quickly it was not a seminar that had a lot of content but was full of quality and concepts that you could use immediately.

The time passed quickly and it was too short for such a good teacher and I know logistics were against him staying longer but it would have been nice to have got maybe a private session with him.