Weapon Classification 5×5 System

I think it is easier to teach weapon classification when teaching in a weapon oriented system like FMA. As the idea is to be able to utilise whatever we have at hand and not look for a specialist or specific weapon, especially as the weapon law in most European countries is very strict on carrying weapons of any kind.

When facing a weapon, understanding what that weapon does will go a long way in preparing the best way to defend against it. I am aware this is not a fail safe method, but by knowing what a weapon can and can’t do and also showing its weaknesses at range then it is an important thing to consider.

Weapon classification can also help take away the fear of that weapon because you are not thinking knife or baseball bat, but rather stabbing slashing, close range and impact at medium range.

Have a think yourself even about everyday objects and what classification you would put them in, some fit more than one classification but if you think;
Slashing stabbing

Good luck with your training and as always if I can help get in touch.