Rediscovered passion

Looking at the title you could be fooled into thinking I am in love with another , but no just a title for my rekindled affection for Wing Chun.
Since having this latest back injury I have been consistently training the Hunyuan 24 step form despite it giving me a little pain and after discomfort, I don’t think this is the fault of the system but more my own imbalance as I am not walking that well. I decided to look at Wing Chun as my salvation to training and as I knew the three forms of Sil Lum Tao, Chum Kiu and Bil Gee I decided to use them to help me back on the road to recovery. My obvious start point Sil Lum Tao was great as the goat riding stance position helped my back and because it is static no real upsetting of the back, I continued to train it twice sometimes three times a day for a week and saw some improvement in my Sciatica issues, I added Chum Kiu and though cant kick very high managed it relatively pain free, I tried Bil Gee yesterday and it was fine so today i practised all three, and with the help of local clinic feel that I am well on the road to recovery. Training like this has made me realise how much I know and what I had thought forgotten but was there just waiting to be rediscovered. It is not the end of my affair with Wing Chun as I think I will incorporate it into my daily routine always room for improvement and who knows where it will take me.

Seminars with a legend

It was around 1985-86 when I heard a guy called Dave Fairclough was organising a seminar with William Cheung.

It was going to be a two day seminar in Blackpool and I signed up immediately as this would be an opportunity to train with the man who taught Bruce Lee, was friends with Wong Sheung Leung and was a legend in Wing Chun Circles.

The first day was spent on basics and learning the entry techniques that were so different to anything else in Wing Chun along with his spin on traditional drills like Lap Sao. The second day focused on Chi Sao and again it was his unique way of utilizing footwork that got me buzzing about his way of doing Wing Chun. We covered Sil Lum Tao the first form of Wing Chin again in his own unique way that explained a lot about how to use Wing Chun.

During the break we could ask him questions but people seemed to be afraid to approach him but I went and asked him some technical questions about the entry techniques and spoke to him about his interest in TCM and if Wing Chun had its own Dit Da Jow.

In the last session he spent a lot of time explaining and showing the drills and techniques it was an awesome experience and we were given a certificate of attendance.

About a year later I was contacted by Dave Fairclough again saying GM Cheung would be in Blackpool for a one night seminar and would I be interested in attending again no hesitation and this time John Farrell was coming with me. The seminar was fantastic and we covered a lot in such a short time GM Cheung was impressed with John and myself that he asked if we would be interested in representing him as Dave was going to Australia. I had my picture taken with GM Cheung hitting me with a straight punch and this picture made the European martial arts magazines as a friend from Italy sent me a message saying he had seen me in a magazine.

For me these seminars were an ambition fulfilled and it marked a bit of closure for me in Wing Chun as I never really practiced it too much after meeting him as for me his way was the best and as I could not train with him regularly I felt I could not practice anymore.