In the style of Krabi Krabong that I  practise I have 3 teachers who have shown me different ways to do the martial dances and techniques.
Kru K is my main teacher and we concentrate on the double swords as he is the best in our style at these, he concentrates on footwork and basic technique and practising with him is so inspiring and disheartening at the same time as his skill level is so high and its difficult to spar against him, we have also looked at empty hand applications and footwork from Lanna Daab which is more close range and has a lot of twisting type footwork, we have travelled many times to see Ajarn Kor Neeow and I class him as a friend as well as my teacher.
Kru Dang is a generation above Kru K and studied directly with Ajarn Aree he stresses the basics and concentrates on correct form of hitting and uses a tyre dummy his style is a little more flambuoyant than Kru K but very effective.
Kru Piak lives in New Zealand so I only see him when he is visiting Chiangmai, he has great knowledge and has studied other arts besides Krabi Krabong we mainly talk theory and he fills in lots of gaps in my training he is an inspiration to me and is a great help in explaining the system to me and how things work and integrate.
I would like to thank each of my teachers for giving me such a lot of time and effort in my pursuit of learning Krabi Krabong, I have not always been a good student but I  try my best to uphold the style we practise and I am honoured to be part of this tradition.

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