Thai Massage Exercises Part 4

10. Lie on your back with hands at sides, interlock fingers at waist level push arms straight then bring over your head, bring hands to top of head palms upward then back to waist and repeat.

11. With feet shoulder width apart, put hands palm down at top of thighs near to groin crease. Squat then lift up left leg, return to start position then lift up right leg.

12. Using Sen points in leg previously learned bend forward from waist pressing the points until the hands are flat on the floor. Walk forward on hands three steps then back, return pressing points on leg to start position.

13. Lying face down on floor, breath in bring both legs up and arch your back pushing with hands flat on floor in front, breath out when return to start position.

14. Lying on front arms outstretched to sides grab left ankle with left hand and push out with leg still holding ankle, look at left leg, repeat other side.

Before trying any of these exercises you should seek qualified guidance I have posted them here for information only not as a how to do the exercises. If anyone is interested in learning Thai body massage then please get in touch.

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