Thai Massage Yoga exercise part 1

First before beginning the exercises you carry out a self massage of the face and head to relax and make you alert, after paying respects to Phrat Ajarn Zhivago the exercises begin.

1. Sitting cross legged on the floor, put hands together like praying bring the hands up to heart level breathing in, push the fingers toward the left then toward the right.

2. Again sitting cross legged with fingers crossed and palms up in your lap bring hand up to heart level then above your head with palms facing upwards,rest hands on top of your head with palms up, then return to lap and gently tap the lower back area with closed fists.

3. Sitting as previous exercises push hands to left, then return to centre then push hands to right, and repeat this exercise is more like pushing

These exercises stretch and relax the muscles of the shoulders and upper back whilst getting strength in the fingers and wrists.

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