5x5x5 blade system

We start off learning the 5 basic angles using normal grip slashing, then we progress to doing the same with a reverse grip. After competency we do a full sequence slashing normal and reverse grip both hands. We then introduce stabbing and eventually this is all combined in a slashing / stabbing drill so that with familiarity, you have lots of options. We work sensitivity using Higot Hubud and Tapi Tapi drills.

We then start to look at the defence part of the system as we now have an understanding of angles and flow, we can easily adapt the empty hand techniques. Disarms, locks, feed backs and chokes are then introduced keeping it to the simple 5 techniques we use as our model throughout the system.

Free sparring is encouraged but really it is better to do themed type sparring to prepare for multiple opponents or long range weapons.

Anyone interested in learning this system contact me and I will put you in touch with the people teaching in the UK.

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