5x5x5 system

I was encouraged by two of my students Kev and Dave to organise what I had learned over the years into a simple system of Filipino Martial Arts. So I set about synthesising all I had learned and came up with the 5×5.

It is basically what it says 5 techniques or strikes or blocks or disarms, I think 5 is a good number as it gives you range but does not overload the student with too much information. The system does not have any main influence it is devised from my training with Krishna and Pete Lewis along with the many seminars I have attended with main emphasis on the blade and empty hand utilising the stick for range and the attributes it can give.

We have some drills both weapon and empty hand but everything adheres to 5×5. It is not meant to be an all encompassing system like Warriors or Bakbakan but more a basic grounding allowing the student to delve deeper in the FMA or just take it for what it is and train the basics giving in my opinion a good level of self defence and fitness.
Anybody interested please get in touch and the guys will arrange to meet you.

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