Beijing 2010 (part 1)

2010 was a funny year for me I lost someone, gained a daughter and injured my back severely, so much so I though I would never be able to practice again. Before the injury I was learning the Thai martial art of Krabi Krabong from my teacher Kru K, but after hurting my back I found it very hard to keep up with the practice. It was a very difficult time for me, after being so active and then hardly being able to walk some days and sleep, was something I craved. As everyday I was awake half the night in agony with my back,  the positive thing was it gave me chance to keep in touch with friends in the UK.

My good friend Phil Morrell was going to Beijing in November 2010 and I decided to join him as he had recommended a teacher in the park where he trains, who did Qi Gong and Taiji that might help my condition.

I always like arriving in Beijing! the Airport is fantastic but this time immigration decided I looked nothing like my passport photograph and called for a supervisor, fortunately I had other ID and so was allowed to go through. I was met by a representative from the Hostel where we stay, Downtown Backpacker. I cant recommend them enough they really do look after you and help you with any problems you might have during your stay.

As I arrived on a Saturday, we decided we would go to the park the following day to meet my new teacher Mr Chen Hui Ying who taught Hunyuan Chen Shi Xin Yi Taiji, he said that I was welcome to join his Qi Gong class everyday from 8.00 am and he also said he would teach me the 24 step Taiji form after the class had finished. I liked him immediately and his open and friendly class which was just what I needed to aid in my recovery. I left with a positive feeling that this would help me, I was looking forward to beginning my journey.

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