Beijing 2012 pt 2

My training was going very well I had completed the review of the 24 step and Chen Laoshi was happy with my progress and so we started to learn the 38 step Pao Chui or cannon fist.
Everyday I would finish training get the bus back to the hostel, have a rest then go for a walk and I was happy because my mate Phil was arriving and so we could go out more and I could certainly eat better as I was just making do as not much fun eating alone in a restaurant.
I was introduced to Guo Laoshi by my friend Liu, she practised with him everyday and said I could join her but I explained I liked the Hunyuan I was learning and I liked Chen Laoshi, I felt this more important for me but I have to say he is very very good. In the park where we train there is such a lot if quality on show everyday it is such a special place and a privilege to practise there.
The days were passing quickly and I had managed to learn the first 15 movements of the form.
We went to the Wang Fujin bookstore looking for anything on Hunyuan or by Grand Master Feng Zhiqiang I was lucky enough to find the VCD of the form I was learning and we had a lovely coffee and a cake at Starbucks.
We tended to eat at the same place every evening as the food is really good and reasonable price I had noticed that Beijing had become more expensive than previous visits but still I was enjoying myself the training was great and I felt very healthy though the weather a bit colder than I am used to.

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