Beijing 2012 pt 3

My training had been going really well I was averaging 3-4 movements a day and was practicing for over 2 hrs in the park then also back at the hostel as they have space on the roof garden. The training was paying off I was feeling very good and was determined to carry on the regime once I got back home.
On the last day I trained I reviewed everything with Chen Laoshi but it was too windy to film him but it was not a problem because I knew both forms well enough to practise on my own. We went for lunch and Chen Laoshi told me he had four teachers two who were still alive and two had passed on he had studied Dabei boxing and Baji and these teachers had passed away but his Xing Yi teacher was 96 and still going strong his other teacher Feng Zhiqiang was his main
influence and he had studied with him for over 26yrs.
Chen Laoshi told me he came to Hunyuan at age 50, same as me and told me if I trained the way he showed me I would get the benefits Hunyuan offered. Sadly I said my goodbyes but promised to return as soon as I was able as Laoshi said next is the 48 step so come back when you can.
I left Beijing in better health than I had arrived and I was also more determined to practise daily for at least an hour or more if I could though it would be different at home with all the distractions but I would find a way I owed it to myself and my teacher.

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