Beijing 2012

I again travelled to Beijing in March 2012 to train with my teacher Chen Hui Ying. I had already been in contact with my good friend Tina who got me a monthly pass for the park.

I arrived on a Monday and was met as usual by a rep from Downtown Backpackers, I arrived at the hostel in time for breakfast and did not have to wait long for my room. As I had travelled overnight I decided to get some rest then go out to the supermarket and ring Tina to arrange where to meet on Tuesday and at what time. My mate Phil Morrell would not be arriving for another week so I had to sort out where to eat and keep myself busy.

On Tuesday morning I headed off to the park on the bus, I was looking forward to seeing my teacher and my friends from the group. Chen Laoshi was pleased to see me and we arranged that I would train everyday at 7.30am. First getting corrections and reviewing the 24 step form then learning the 38 step cannon fist form. This was great news for me as I would then have a form from each path the Yi Lu and Er Lu.

It is great staying in Beijing there is always a lot going on and usually after training and a rest I would go for a walk to the main shopping area Wang Fujin Street or to the supermarket to buy some drinks and snacks.

My training was going very well and the only drawback to training early was that I missed breakfast which was provided free by the hostel, but not a problem as a local shop sold an egg sandwich, and a soya milk for 3 RMB which sustained me till lunch.

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