Beijing ( part 2)

Chen laoshi, me, Duan laoshi




I went to the park everyday and after about four days the pain in my back went. I did not need to take any pain relief and we were also walking a good few miles everyday it felt great to be without the discomfort I felt ready to start living again. I also learned the Hunyuan 24 step Taiji though to be honest my heart was not in it at that time as i needed the Qi Gong more but Chen Laoshi is a fantastic teacher very patient he explained everything step by step including the applications of all the moves I was learning. To soon it was time to leave and I was sad to go but looking forward to seeing everyone at home but fate had another twist for me, a few days before I was due to fly back I was notified my domestic flight in Thailand had been cancelled due to the Loy Kratong festival as it was too dangerous to fly so I hastily booked a hotel room at the Airport Novatel Bangkok and my partner Kor booked me a flight early the following day.
I said my goodbyes to Chen Laoshi and tbe other friends I had made and said I would return as soon as I could not knowing it would be two years before I could return.

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